Alvin and the Dollar Cinema

If anyone of you living in the Montreal area are looking for a retro and affordable movie experience then you should check out the Dollar Cinema.

We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and it only cost $20. Admission is only $2 and everything at the concession stand is a buck. You can't beat that. It's a two theater cinema so check their (newly revamped) site to see what's on this week. By today's standards it has a small lobby but it's cozy and reminds me of old theaters that have long been closed and demolished to make way for multiplexes.

Another upside is if after 45 minutes your two year old gets antsy and wants to walking around the mall you haven't lost $50 or more like you would have at some big multiplex.

ET really enjoyed the film and didn't move from his seat (well he is twice the age of his brother). This past week he has been talking about the film in the way only a three year old can. Explaining how Alvin gets in trouble and how the Chipmunks talk really high pitch.

We were really pleased with Dollar Cinema and we'll be visiting it more in the future. Also free in door parking.

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2 thoughts on “Alvin and the Dollar Cinema”

  1. aint the Palace but it will do and it's also 5 minutes away from my place, just be careful of the screws on the arm rest, tore my jacket cause of them.

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