Caban au Sucre

This spring  we went to the Caban au Sucre (or sugar shack) for a menu drenched in maple syrup. We last went three years ago and I was starting to crave it again.

It's always fun to go with a big group of friends and family and hopefully not following a diet.

The kids always enjoy the animals, even the one eyed duck.

We went on a tractor ride through the woods and lucky none of the kids fell off.

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9 thoughts on “Caban au Sucre”

  1. there's a place in huntington beach called the sugar shack. it's yummy.but i don't think they use maple syrup.i'm not a fan of maple syrup. does that make me weird???

  2. So I just sat down to catch up on my neighbourhood and watched this flick with Gus on my lap. He was very excited by the horses, the "big tractor" and even started to try and 'dance' as he bopped on my lap! Looks like fun!

  3. Not liking maple syrup? Well, maybe you're just a little weird. ;)Actually, are you sure you've had the pure stuff? Because it is worlds away from that glucose we usually pour over pancakes and waffles.

  4. yes. very pure. from canada!!! my friend mailed me some… steve loves it. i don't know what it is, but i don't really like it. i'd rather eat my stuff plain than to put maple syrup on it! heh.

  5. glad to hear he liked it. My sister thanked (and cursed) me because her daughter loves watching the videos and she has to replay them for her, over and over and over…

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