Update: Headphones Fail

Well it looks like it all worked out in the end.

Apple shipped me next day new replacement headphones that I am still treating with kid gloves. I had to return the damaged ones in the supplied envelope and called UPS for a pick-up, lucky I am the shipping department at work so no worries. Funny enough though this is where I ran into some difficulties.

Supposedly there was a preprinted return waybill on the envelope after I removed my receipt. For two days the friendly UPS driver refused to pick it up. On the second day I was getting worried (they would bill me in 10 business days) so I called Apple support and they suggested that since I had their UPS account number just fill out a waybill myself and drop it off and that's what I did.

So I got an email from Apple yesterday saying that they received my return and everything looks good. Thank goodness.

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