And Baby Makes Five

That's right! Sometime in October ET and Carts will be getting a sibling.

I should add that this kid is the only one that is going to start out on VOX. With ET I didn't have a site and Carts I was using that horrible MSN Spaces. Can Vox be used as a middle name?

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19 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Five”

  1. oh my gosh! congrats! sooo happy for you and donna :)steve's cousin is also due in oct. :)i swear, it's like everyone's pregnant! i must remember not to drink the water. 😛

  2. off the top of my head, including YOU guys, i can think of 6 people expecting… and 3 others who JUST had bebes. it's insane… i'm sure there are more, but i don't feel like thinking. 😛

  3. I'm behind in the news – Congratulations!And speaking of "the water," it's like that out west here, too. You guys are family #9 I know of right now – one of 5 due in Oct. 🙂 (Including my sister – I'm going to be an auntie!)

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