Free Comic Book Day 2008

It always sneaks up on me… Free Comic Book Day that is (not the flying moneys they make too much noise) and it's May 3rd!

Hopefully we can get to my comic shop early and snag some Owly or maybe a Transformers Animated comic for the boys and I can pick-up my reserves for the last couple of months.

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7 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2008”

  1. I know! I was looking for an excuse to get into town to pick them up. I can wait till may 3rd. When they boys are older I should by an Owly trade, Ethan likes Owly.

  2. hell, *i* like owly. hehe… did i ever tell you that i met andy runton (the creator of owly) and he's like, seriously, one of the nicest guys ever! i might even have a picture with him. hehehe.

  3. LOL. sorry! i have a horrible memory so i can't remember if i've told anyone something or not. hell, i can barely remember my child's name half the time. i call her katie somtimes (katie's my sister's name. hehe) so yeah. you'll have to forgive me. 😀

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