Headphones Fail!

After watching my Touch at lunch I unplugged the headphones and to my surprise, the wire leading to the ear buds had come out of the jack plug.

I'll let you know if Apple will even replace this.

I'm surprised that this happed since I've only had it for 3 months and didn't even use the headphones for the first month (I use the Touch mostly in the car dock).

This is the first pair of head phones that have failed on me (that I can remember). Even when I commuted into Montreal everyday on the bus and Metro, the (probable) thousands of hours I listed to my other media players not one died.

On the other hand if something was going to fail, I'm sure glad it was the head phones and not the iPod Touch.

UPDATE: Apple wants me to enter my credit card so they'll send me a box. This seems a lot of work for a $10 pair of headphones that I'm sure they won't even replace. Maybe I'll just find an old pair.

UPDATE: Maybe I will send them back. The same headphones are at Best Buy for $50. For $50 they shouldn't fall apart.

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8 thoughts on “Headphones Fail!”

  1. yeah. a $50 pair of headphones shouldn't be falling apart like that. especially with minimal usage… why do they want a deposit, though??? i don't get it.

  2. I dislike all earbud headphones, so I ditch the stock ones that come with mp3 players as soon as I get them. My favorite (so much that I've got a spare pair sitting in a drawer for when the current one breaks) is the Sony MDR-Q22LP headphones – not only do they sound great, but the clips keep them on my ears without being uncomfortable. My last pair lasted about 4.5 years, but it appears they've made the cable a little bit thinner since then, so I don't expect this new pair to last quite as long…still, at ~$17, I could buy 3 pairs for the price of the ones you're talking about.

  3. Do you have Apple Care? Apple shouldn't be charging you to send the earbuds back. (The FireWire cable on my 4G once came apart, I called the Apple Care number, and they just sent me another cable.)

  4. I would never buy headphones for that price (thanks for the recommendation), but if they are covered under warranty (and they seem to be), I'll certainly take them. 😉

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