Who Will Be Watching The Watchmen?

I know I will be when the film comes out March (2009).

Watchmen is important because is changed how superheros were thought of.  They were no longer perfect moral compasses for the rest of society to follow. They would kill and be killed, were flawed and brutally realistic. That people and governments would outlaw heroes was a foreign idea before Watchmen.

To the non-comic reading people out there, you really should go see Watchmen. In fact you've already seen stuff that owes it's existence to this Alan Moore series.

Heroes the television series owes a lot to Watchmen if not in tone and characterization but also plot. Even Pixar's The Incredibles with it's kid friendly story was influenced by Watchmen. And if you're interested there are countless comic series such as Kingdom Come and Powers you should read.

In the meantime check out the Watchmen production blog for updates.

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