My God It’s Full of Stars

During high school, instead of being cool I read sci-fi. The books of Arthur C Clarke held my imagination during this time and I look back on them with great fondness.

Back in February I saw this video of Clarke's that he did for his 90th birthday. I didn't post about it at the time but I'm adding it here.

It's quite sad when we lose such a great mind such as Clarke's.

Firstborn (A Time Odyssey)
Arthur C. Clarke

UPDATE: Last night the Science Fiction Book Club called and offered me three free books (with only having to buy two more in the next year). One of the books they offered was Arthur C Clarke's First Born, so I took it the offer.

A coincidence if you ask me. Or maybe not, the woman on the phone a) didn't know who he was and b) that he had just died. If I was the manager of the call center I would so tell everyone to push that book right now. Though it might be considered by some a little opportunistic.

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3 thoughts on “My God It’s Full of Stars”

  1. Arthur C.Clarke, Issac Asimov, Andre Norton, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Robert E. Howard and Frank Herbert were the cornerstone of those men and women who help mold me as a child. I feel each time that one of these grand masters has moved on that a piece of myself goes with them."No man is an island, entire of itself…any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind" John Donne

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