The Future Is Now

Back in the 1990's Marvel released a line of comics under the 2099 title. It took place in a cyberpunk dystopia future with versions of your favorite Marvel characters like Spider-Man, X-Men and Dr. Doom. But that's a whole other post.

The Punisher in this possible Marvel Universe future used a face scrambler to conceal his true identity from electronic surveillance equipment (such as CCTV) that one would expect to be prevalent in a dystopian future (or the UK).

Since I'm probably one of the few who collected the series (and is willing to admit it), this post on engadget caught my eye.

As life often imitates art, it's a DIY countermeasure to being identified by
CCTV. It uses infra red emitters toblot out the wearers face.

The future is now!

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6 thoughts on “The Future Is Now”

  1. Small surface mount LEDs all-around the rim of a hat would make an inconspicuous adaption to the idea. …a flat high power omni-direction LED replacing the button on the top of a baseball hat…

  2. I collected that series as well. I forgot about the scrambler. This device is design to address cameras and security system. It doesn't address sight to sight, from what I understand.

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