Winter on Bark Lake

For the first time in at least four years I spent a day at Bark Lake in the winter. It just the boys (my dad, my brother in-law Phil and ET).

We stopped at Harvey's in Saint-Sauveur (a really nice tourist town if you want to visit) for lunch and then it was on to the lake.

I have missed seeing the Laurentians during the winter. I find it can be a little surreal in the winter because even thought I know that it's winter up there too I very rarely get to see it.

My dad's reason for us to go is making sure that nothing has collapsed under the snow (and this year we sure have had our share) but I think he just wants to see the lake and has to justify the trip. Of course if the shed did collapse or a falling tree took a boat or two there's nothing we can really do till the spring anyways.

Our friend Andreas met us at our dock as he and his parents are visiting the lake from Germany (and their cottage is winterized). After clearing the snow off the boats and shed, Andreas drove us down the lake on the ice road (a first for me) to his cottage. We had a very nice visit with his parents and ET enjoyed exploring their cottage and playing with their board games.


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7 thoughts on “Winter on Bark Lake”

  1. What are you doing up so early? Oh that's right you have a kid 😉 Maybe next year Carts can come. It was hard enough keeping an eye on one kid in the snow.

  2. seriously, i woke up for no reason at all. it sucked. i guess it all worked out, though cuz around 4:30ish mia woke up screaming from a nightmare. so i was able to put her back down and still have some time to myself… hehe.yeah! one kid would be tough to keep an eye on… having 2 boys with you would require them to be older, for SURE. 🙂

  3. LOL. i wish mia could just stay in her crib forever so i don't have to herd her back in… we're probably gonna transition her to her big girl bed in a few months… i'm not looking forward to it. heh.

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