The Odyssey Is Completed

My on going odyssey (and yes I'm being melodramatic) with Canon support has finally ended. The good, the bad and me ugly follows.

After a week of Canon support telling me they had not entered my camera in the system yet (the second time in a week I sent it in for repair) and therefore could not give me a status update, today they tell me it's out for delivery. I mean I called yesterday and no news. But today it's waiting at the Purolator depot. Well at least I got the camera back tonight and it's like new. From what Canon support told me over the phone it looks like they replaced the entire shutter button assembly. I wish they had done that the first time.

Returning my camera also got me moving to MRA my Lexar 2GB SD card that had an intermittent problem and I should receive a replacement sometime in the next month (hopefully).

On a side note… during this whole time with my camera in the shop, I misplaced my SanDisk Ultra II 2GB SD car. Which let me tell you had led to some frantic searching over the house to find it.

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5 thoughts on “The Odyssey Is Completed”

  1. Don't get me wrong. It's worked great up to now and I do have 19,000+ digital photos and videos on my computer. I probably just wore out the button. 🙂 I think the video it takes is a good as my Canon camcorder (which I never use anymore).

  2. oy. i'm glad it's okay :Di love SD cards because they're so small, but i also hate them because they're so small. heh. i get all freaked out that i'm gonna lose them. hehe.

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