The War’s Over

According to a post on Toshiba has announced that they will cease production of HD DVD players and recorders by the end of March.

So to everyone who bought a HD DVD player and started building a catalog, congratulations you are the proud owner of 2008's betamax.

Engadget also has a post covering the end of the format war.

I am so glad right now that I never had the money to get into the format war to start with. Now let's see how long before Blu-Ray becomes obsolete and is superseded by a new format? 5 years? 10 years?

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2 thoughts on “The War’s Over”

  1. LOL. your second paragraph (sentence) there made me laugh. i always just assume that toshiba makes the wrong decision and has to backtrack to fix it. i can say that because i used to work there. hehe.

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