Business Time

Those of us that have been in a long term relationship or who are married will probably see themselves (and / or their partner) in this song from New Zealand's fourth popular folk band Flight of the Conchords.

c|net's has this track as a free un-DRMed mp3, or you could always buy it on iTunes for 99¢ un-DRMed AAC file.

According to Wikipedia they will have a full length album in April. But if you can't wait you can always pick up their Grammy winning EP The Distant Future in the mean time.

I should really start watching the HBO show.

Flight of the Conchords Business Time
Flight of the Conchords

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One thought on “Business Time”

  1. LALALALALALALALA!!! NOT LISTENING!!! LALALALALALALALALALA!!!(because I bought the entire season 1 dvd set and still have not finished watching it yet… IT'S HILARIOUS!!!! x INFINITY!!!)

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