Television, Did You Miss It?

So it looks as if the WGA is heading back to work after a three month strike. The real question is do you care?

If you're anything like me, this strike hasn't affected you in the least. Of course I might be the exception to the rule (that's what my mother tells me). With all the alternative programing available to a geek like myself I haven't had to interact with people during the strike. Or you just could have watched TLC for three months.

For those of you who do care, it might not even matter that the writers are heading back to work. According to CNN sitcoms could be airing in a month, but for many dramas it might be a case of diminishing returns and the season canceled.

Did the strike get you go to other sources to find something to watch such as Netflix, iTunes, IPTV or Bittorrent? I would expect that there was a measurable increase of users of these other services during this WGA strike. I wonder if these people who went elsewhere will go back once the programing returns?

More importantly, will the strike make people realize how much of what is on television really not worth watching?

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8 thoughts on “Television, Did You Miss It?”

  1. Drove me nuts lol I sure do love my stories 😦 I ended up finally watching the first 3 seasons of Weeds(which I had been wanting to watch since it started), watched a few more moves from netflix than normal and played A LOT more video games!

  2. 5 stars on Medium mostly also. Hard is hard. I got a 4 star on Expert on the ZZ Top song. So fun. just like playing the real thing. I'm even starting to get perfect 5 stars easy.

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