Lord only knows when the site finally got some content but there was a new trailer for Wall•E that aired during the Super Bowl. Build-a-bot and games coming soon. There are some very Mac ad inspired wallpapers for your desktop enjoyment.

Wall•E is Pixar's new feature animated film that's coming out this summer about a sanitation robot (and his pet cockroach) left alone on an ecologically destroyed Earth for 700 years.

I've always liked the Pixar films (to varying degrees) even before I was a parent (I still think Cars is the best one to date followed by Monsters Inc. Sorry Ratatouille). Needless to say I'm really excited about Pixar's first Sci-fi film.

I was disappointed in the new trailer, which makes sense since it was a Super Bowl ad. Oh burn…yeah I said it. I was looking for a few more scenes from the film or perhaps glimpses of other characters. But in the end beggars can't be choosers. You can check out the first two teaser trailers on film's site and even download them for your iPod and or your PSP (the first teaser only).

I did find it strange that Buzz and Woody made an appearance in the Wall•E ad and thought that they had mention the tried and true franchise to pump up the new film. This is until I found out that Pixar is working on Toy Story 3 tentatively scheduled for a June 2010 release

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4 thoughts on “Wall•E”

  1. i didn't like the wall-e superbowl ad. toy story 3 is out 2010?! i don't know. i thought they were using the toy story characters to pump up the wall-e movie, too. and i think they kinda did. i mean, toy story 3 isn't out for 2 more years! sheesh… i'll still watch wall-e, but i can't seem to get excited about it. i dunno why.i liked Cars, but it's not my fave…

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