Money Where My Mouth Is

I purchased Live Free or Die Hard today for the sole reason to get the Digital Copy provided along with the film.

I'm still pretty excited about FOX doing the right thing and understanding that people want to be able to move digital content around however they want. Digital Copy has given me reason to buy DVDs again.

The transfer was pretty easy and now I have a 1.46GB file to watch on my Media Center PC. I only have an old 27" CRT Toshiba so I can't say how this copy would look on an HD television. I will say it does look passable on my 20" LCD monitor.

I am a little miffed that there doesn't appear to be a digital copy for my iPod Touch (like there was the the Family Guy DVD Blue Harvest). Thomas K. Arnold of the Hollywood Reporter in his article about the release makes no mention of an iTunes copy on the disc but does mention it will work with PlaysForSure devices. And a post on PCWorld makes me think that Live Free Of Die Hard was the first Digital Copy, but Blue Harvest was the first to include a copy for iTunes. If FOX was felling generous they always could supply us iPod users with a link to download a digital copy. Just saying.

If anyone is interested the third DVD to include Digital Copy (or the second so it seems to have a copy for your iTunes) is Hitman out March 11th right in time for my birthday.

UPDATE: I got a reply from FOX in regards to Live Free or Die Hard iTunes compatibility.

Hi Grant,
Live Free or Die Hard will not work with the iPod, it's not supported.
Thank You,
Fox Digital Copy Support Team

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