Then & Now: Princes Bridge & The Yarra River Melbourne

I'm really getting a crash course of historical Melbourne in the process of my little project. The Princes Bridge is actually the third in that location since 1844. Just across the Yarra river is Flinders Street Station but it is obscured in the 2006 photo by trees and the low angle of the photo. It's quite impressive to see the growth of the skyline since 1929. I wonder what it will look like in another 80 years?

Picture from Panoramio

Photo from the State Library of Victoria

I've gone through so many photos of Melbourne during all this that I actually recognized the Flinders Street Station from across the Yarra river. This research has gotten considerably easier thanks to the State Library of Victoria what an amazing resource.

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7 thoughts on “Then & Now: Princes Bridge & The Yarra River Melbourne”

  1. You'd think right. Nope. Scotland, England and Whales. My Grandfathers brother ended up there after WWI. So I have some cousins out there that I've never met. Some of my family has met them though.

  2. ahhh, okay. interesting. that part of the world is awesome. 🙂 i especially loved NZ. i wish i had spent more time in new zealand when we went… but australia is pretty awesome, too…i haven't been to scotland or wales. but i have been to england. after this project is over, it would be so cool if you could go to all those places and meet all the family! i think they kinda owe you, don't you? 😛 hehe.

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