Then & Now: Collins Street Melbourne

If anyone was wondering were I've been the past couple of days, (or maybe not) I've been spending my time researching photos of Collins Street in Melbourne Australia. This is an offshoot project from the scanning of the family slides. What I thought would be a five minute job really drove me crazy; no problem finding old photos, a lot of time to find the modern one. I all I can say is thank goodness they never tore down the Manchester Unity Building. Not only is it a great historical landmark but also a wonderful frame of reference in lining up photos taken over a 100 years. I still can't believe I was able to find these photos. Pretty good for never visited Melbourne.

Photo from Melbourne Photos

This is the slide that started it all.

Photo taken from Railpage

It's great to see how one street has changed over a century. I wonder what happened to the homeopathic pharmacy sign in the top right? If I had tried this photographic research 20 years ago it would have meant a trip to Melbourne… so basically I got myself out of a vacation. Damn it. I'm working on some more of these then & nows from Melbourne, but I just need the time.

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