In & Out

This morning daycare called to tell me Carts had blue lips. So it was off to the hospital again.

12:11pm – was seen by triage very quickly. Carts oxygen was higher than last time (95% vs 91%).

1:15pm – Gave Carts some juice after he woke up after a nap. He would have slept longer if I had remembered to bring the umbrella stroler. And it would have been easier on my arms.

2pm – Carts & I are still waiting.

2:45pm – I'm starting to think that my earlier optimism of seeing a doctor quickly may have been missplaced.

3:12pm – waiting for a x-ray. Oxygen is 98% and Carts is super wired from a 5 pump ventalin treatment. We might, might be out today. But you never know.

4:08 – Looks like we're out of here. Just needs some anti-biotic. Yah!

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