CIB #4 Podcast: Digital Copy

I was so excited about the new Digital Copy feature included on the Family Guy Star Wars DVD that I just had to share a video of my experience.

In case you are unaware of Digital Copy, it is a new feature that includes a video file with the DVD you purchase and allows you to transfer it over to your computer, PMP or iPod of choice.

As you will see it's pretty straight forward and the quality of the video on my iPod Touch is the best I've seen on it.

I'm going to try my best to purchase every DVD that has Digital Copy to show Hollywood that is what people need and want…. a digital copy that they own and don't have to become criminals to get it. If you are wondering, the next film to have Digital Copy seems to be the latest Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard.

Apple Tv Source also has their experience of using Digital Copy documented on their site.

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One thought on “CIB #4 Podcast: Digital Copy”

  1. not that this has anything to w/ digital copy, but… i don't get family guy. everyone i know really enjoys it. but i watched a couple of eps and could NOT get into it…

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