January Comics

Ever since I stopped going on a regular basis to the comic shop (there was a time I went every week rain or shine) I find it difficult to find anything new. So this last trip I was happily surprised when I picked up issue one (of four) of Pax Romana from Image Comics.

The artwork is great, a cross between graphic design and traditional illustration. And the story so far is really intriguing, dealing with time travel, religion, politics and three dimensional characters. I can't wait till issue two.

Comic Book Resources has a "commetary track" and a four page preview of issue one on their site if you're interested.

Another series I look forward to and have talked about before is Elephantmen. They are starting a new three parts story arc called War Toys so it's a good time for new comers to jump aboard.

It's the story of a genetically engineered animal army devastating Europe. I just love post apocalyptic war stories don't you?. Yes I know this is a prequel since it follows the characters years before during the war and I've made my feelings quite clear in regards to such plot devices before. I guess I don't mind it when a) it's done well and b) it's in a comic. Great atmosphere in this series, it's very rare that you see that kind of grime and grit depicted.

Check out the excerpt from the issue on their site.

I also picked up three issues in the Star Wars: Legacy series issues 0 1/2 (which is a just a guide to the era of Legacy), 17 & 18 . What originally drew me to this ongoing series from Dark Horse was that it was so far removed from all the other expanded universe baggage it would not be constrained by it. Well issue 18 feels like i'm in Star Wars history 101. Vergere, Yuuzhan Vong and Zonama Sekot are all mentioned.


Boneyard #27 continues the story started last issue of Paris being held captive in the Faerie world and the Boneyard gang trying to come to the rescue using an alternate reality portal-generator with humorous results.

And the last of my purchases Powers #27. The continuing adventures of a pair of cops who investigate (Super) Powers related crimes. I'm not going to get into the story because it's too convoluted and I don't have enough space and time available in this post. Just do yourself a favor and star picking up the trades.

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