The Ultimate Power in the Galaxy

Yesterday while Donna was getting her new glasses (ready in three to fours days) and Carts was sleeping in the double stroller, I walked over to Archambault with ET.

I thought it might kill some time and a way to share my love of books with my son. Then we stumbled across a piece of art, Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy by the incredibly talented Matthew Reinhart. I was more excited than ET.

Calling it a pop-up book is like comparing the Grand Canyon to a ditch. Okay, so maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit but it is a totally amazing book. Having kids, I've seen pop-up books but this one is far and beyond anything I've ever seen. Three dimensional paper sculpture's rise from every page and there is lots of information included about my favorite franchise.

I'd love to get it for myself, but all it would take is a single sweeping arm from a toddler (I'm looking at you Carts) and it would be destroyed.

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Power in the Galaxy”

  1. that's awesome. you should get it. and hide it away from them for a few years!i also love robert sabuda's pop up books. they're amazing. and those you could get for the kids… i found some robert sabuda christmas cards at barnes and noble after christmas. they are awesome. and i had to buy them. hehe. i kind of don't want to use them on anyone, though. is that bad? 😛

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