How Wal-Mart Killed the Small Town Economy Twice

Usually a small town mall dies when Wal-Mart shows up, not when it leaves. But that's what I'm afraid will happen to the local mall now that the Wal-Mart is relocating to brand new digs at the Dix30 outside of town.

It's quite surreal walking the aisles and seeing most shelves empty and all the racking over 6 feet already gone.


I'm really going to miss the convince of the old mall. At one end was Wal-Mart, the middle there was a Maxi grocery store (which is also moving to the Dix30) and 30 or 40 other small stores. I'd hate to see this mall become a ghost town like so many others. Well lets hope for the best.

ET was running around and hiding like an ostrich which was a) very cute and b) thankfully really easy to find him when he ran off. As he unfortunately tends to do sometimes. Just another reason why I'm going grey and slowly losing my hair.

Afterwards we drove out to the new location to figure the best routes to and from as I'm sure the traffic will be horrendous once it's up and running. And yes dad thanks for telling me about the road that goes by the train tracks to get there from our house.

Part of me is feeling nostalgic for the old mall but I can't help be excited about the new store. I was blown away when we visited the Mal-Mart in Lake George last summer and can't wait to be able to pick-up milk when we do our weekly Wal-Mart trip.

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2 thoughts on “How Wal-Mart Killed the Small Town Economy Twice”

  1. Wal-mart eff's everything up. I refuse to shop there and my Dad calls it "Communist China." I support the locals as much as I can!!

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