Facebook Public Search Listing

Did any of you on the book have reservations regarding privacy when they announced in 2007 that public search listings  would appear in Google?

At the time I personally wasn't too worried about it. Of course who knows what unforeseen privacy concerns might arise from the inclusion of profiles being indexed by the Google. In the end, I'm not too worried since I'm not the first  profile of Grant Elliott and there's tons of stuff about me here on my VOX blog.

Of course now I'm hurt. Why am I not the first Grant? It's like your first time in a gay bar and you're worried that you might get hit on. Of course no one hits on you so you're indignant they didn't. What I'm not good looking enough to be gay?

Oh course they do have a not who you were looking for button so you can see the full list of possible matching profiles. I'll take a wait and see approach.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Public Search Listing”

  1. I personally am not too concerned about my profile being placed on Google. The way the internet is moving nowadays with Web 2.0 is allowing us to have our personal say on any topic out there. Having a personal identity through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn et al gives our voice a wider presence.Those concerned about privacy should consider what they include on their profiles, indeed perhaps what they say online. Potential employers nowadays use social networking sites as well as Google to research about you. I find this humbling that someone takes an interest in researching me so I am often careful about what I place on such sites, it could have repercussions in many fields. Many of these sites have privacy options that allow to modify what gets published and by whom can view it.However, with peoples own personal networks growing and your online presence being more widely available it is hard to control others that put up that innocent photo of you being sick in public on a night out, without your knowledge. Best to just err on the side of caution.

  2. oooh, and i forgot to mention last time, once steve and i (and some friends) went to a club in west hollywood (lots of gay clubs and bars there… the club wasn't actually a "gay club" but there were a lot of gay men there) … we ALL got hit on… except steve. hehe. the 4 hetero men there were bugging my friends and me… and my guy friend who was there got hit on multiple times, but not steve.i didn't know why either… then again, he's not really approachable. hehe. or maybe he was giving off really hetero vibes. who knows. anyway, your comment about that made me think of that time. hehe.

  3. It's a funny story and a few years before I ended up working in the gay village for 4 years. It took me 6 months to realize that the young guys always hanging out at the park were not waiting for their dads or uncles but were male prostitutes. I'm so naive.

  4. LOL. you are so funny!!!that's the best thing i've read all morning. i seriously started cracking up out loud and mia is staring at me like i'm crazy… (but she does that a lot. hehe)

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