Better Than Being There… Almost

This past week I've been following CES 2008 on the interwebs-tubey-thing-a-ma-gig I have on my Touch.

During the lead up to CES I have listened to the TWIT round table bemoan yet another trip to CES or skip it entirely. Those of us less fortunate (such as myself) would love the chance to visit the CES floor and not just for the chance to stalk Molly Wood. I mean totally accidentally run into her on the show floor, strike up a conversation, convince her to give me a lock of her hair and create my very own House of Mollys a la House of Cosbys. To each his own.

Every night I would fall asleep in bed reading (on the afore mentioned Touch) about CES products on engadget and c|net and I didn't even care that half of the products featured wouldn't be out this year or never since I can't afford them anyway. It is always great to see everything that will be coming down the pipe in the next few years and having more technologically versed individuals sift through the chaft for me. Thanks everyone.

I did catch half of one of the three Buzz Out Loud live shows that were streamed directly from the c|net stage at CES. I was a little disappointed that the BOL producer Jason Howell was off camera though. Still, not definite proof that he is fictional.

Now to convince Donna into going on a Las Vegas holiday that coincides with CES. "Why look honey it's the worlds largest consumer electronic trade show and it's on right now… what are the chances?" Something tells me she wouldn't fall for it either.

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