Frets on Fire

Those of you who don't have a next gen console (and yes I am including the Wii) are feeling a little left out with all  Guitar Hero 3 rocking going on, I have a possible alternative for you.

Frets on Fire is an open source (we all like that don't we) Guitar Hero clone for the PC, MAC and Linux. The game play is essentially identical to GH3 but instead of a plastic guitar to play you use the function keys and enter on your plastic keyboard. I guess you could also use the Art Lebedev Optimus if you have the cash to burn and rock out in style.

Frets does have one major advantage over GH3. You or the many others in the active online Frets on Fire community can crate new tracks and thereby having potentially an unlimited number of new songs to rock out to.

The downside… getting a blue screen of death in the middle of a solo.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about check out the demo video.

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5 thoughts on “Frets on Fire”

  1. i don't feel like i've been missing out, but only because i have SO MUCH CRAP to get caught up on… i have a stack of video games that i haven't even started. jeez…

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