CIB #3 or The Hell of Finding a Good FM Transmitter

Sometimes the shinny isn't worth the frustration.

When I got my iPod Touch, I splurged and picked up the Belkin iPod Car Kit (the clerk gave me 60$ of the price, how could I say no) and today I returned it.

I have an old iRiver FM Transmitter that seriously out preformed the Belkin. My old iRiver could over power every single FM station I set it to and once plugged in, it was set it and forget it. The Belkin on the other hand would have trouble producing a continuous and constant level of signal between FM stations.

Sure it was nice to have the car charger for the Touch, but it wasn't worth it getting in an accident while messing about with the damn thing.

So here's the happy ending.

Donna had also got me a FM transmitter / iPod Charger for Christmas but didn't even wrap it (and said we should return it) because she only noticed after she got home that it was for the iPod and iPod Mini. We hadn't returned it so decided to give it a chance.

It's the DigiPower iPod Navigator. She picked it up on sale for 10$ and all I can say what a deal. Sure it looks clunky, like something you might purchase at a high end Dollar Store and it only has a slider to select the four FM presets that you can't change, but I still highly recommend it. Not only does it charge the Touch, but it can over power a local FM station that just happens to be one of the FM presets.

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