Here We Go Again…

My neighbor Majicke joined Blog 365 over on ning so this is all her fault. Sorry Majicke. 😉

Blog 365 is a group of bloggers that for the next year will blog once a day for a total of 365 posts in 2008. There's also a group here on VOX that Majicke created.

Since it was an unofficial goal of mine last year, I thought what the heck right? It's only sleep. Plus it gave me the excuse I needed to join ning. I've just been hearing so much about it on the intertubes, I  wanted to give it a try, but lacked a reason.

So you don't you join me for the next year and see if you can complete the Blog 365 challenge.

Lisa Simpson: The Secret War of Lisa Simpson 
Duh!  A challenge I could do!

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