Hero of Guitar

If any fellow VOXers are interested in a game of GH3. My code is 3952 5744 8820. Please be easy on me I just started playing on Christmas day. 🙂

I love this game. It's the closest thing to actually playing guitar and I've played guitar for at least 15 years.

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5 thoughts on “Hero of Guitar”

  1. i don't have a wii… but when i FINALLY get one, it's on, sucka! hehe :Phehehe. you are so cute in '95! hehehe… man, i would NEVER post a pic of me in '95. i was 18… and while in theory that sounds awesome, it's not. because i had a totally awkward/weird-looking phase which didn't end until i was… 20 or so. hehe. not lying over here!!!

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