Grocery Fun

This afternoon we did the groceries and I decided to snap a few photos to keep busy between entertaining the boys.


These generic cereals always make me smile. It's always interesting to see other takes on the same product.

I would have thought that Frosted Flakes was a trademark. I guess only when you have a stripped tiger on the box.

I would like to have been in that marketing meeting when they thought that calling anything other than a porno Sweet & Salty was a good idea. I mean come on, what were they thinking!?!

Just knowing that Egg Nog is called Lait de Poule (Milk of Chicken… Chicken Milk?) in French makes me feel sick. I'll have to made sure that I keep that side of the container away from me when I have a glass. I just wish they sold it in something smaller that a liter in case I can't drink that much.

Do we really need another entry into the already saturated junk food market? I just don't I can fit another one into my schedule.

And what's not to love about Pocky? It almost fools me into believing that it's healthy for some reason. I don't know why. But it does sound like something you'd but at Ikea. Not another technologically advanced Japaneses food stuff. I'll take a Pocky, an ANTNÄS and four KAUSTBYs please.

Oh and un-grocery related. I don't know why I would expect a shoe store to actually carry laces. I was told to go across the mall to the shoe repair store to buy some. I guess they already have too much money and don't want anymore. My mistake.

Their tag line should read:
It's value that fits your style, you just better not need any laces to go with your style unless you're willing to walk to another store and hope your style doesn't fall off your feet since we don't sell any laces.

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10 thoughts on “Grocery Fun”

  1. I never thought of that before: Pocky totally sounds like something you'd get at Ikea!I don't think that the Pocky itself is green, just in a green box. I think it's just dark chocolate. And since dark chocolate is really good for you, you can certainly let it trick you into believing it's healthy, after all. ;)And I'm with you on the egg nog: let's ignore the French translation, shall we?

  2. Dark chocolate is good for you but I'm sure not when you down a whole box of Pocky in one sitting. Oh and for the Egg Nog, I don't think it's an option since I live in Quebec and that would be a little difficult.

  3. mmm. pocky is delicious. 😀 koreans have a brand of pocky… i think it's called peppero. at the korean market, it's half the price, but it has all the deliciousness of pocky! hehe.i can't believe you have time to snap pics while keeping the boys occupied! hehe.

  4. oh, dude. 9?! i would die. one night she stayed up until 9. i was veeeery unhappy. hehe. last night we let her stay up until 8 so she could watch the elmo christmas special. wow. i haven't watched commercials in a long time. hehe.

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