Thy Enemy Be Asthma

This afternoon I took Carts to the hospital. He had labored breathing and blue lips. We were seen pretty fast (45 minutes) by nurse in triage and saw a doctor in 2 hours. Carts was super well behaved during this whole time.

Donna had arrived by this time (she dropped ET at her parents, were he's sleeping tonight) and they did some X-rays and Ventalin treatments.

He's not in any danger, but they wanted to keep him over night (hopefully he'll be out tomorrow) to administer some more Ventalin every few hours.

Donna is staying the night (I hope she can get some sleep, because Carts is super wired from the Ventalin) and I'll head back tommorrow after I drop off ET at daycare.

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5 thoughts on “Thy Enemy Be Asthma”

  1. Hey Grant,
    I hope Carts is okay. My nephews suffered from asthma a lot when they were younger. Now they've outgrown it. I hope your son does too.
    I only developed asthma as a teenager. (I believe it's from my chain-smoking piano teacher.) My asthma meds get my heart racing too, but Carts reaction to his meds is hilarious.
    Take care xo

  2. Praying for your littl'un!Asthma is a worriesome one for me – my sister had it and outgrew it, mostly, too. But still, it's a BREATHING thing and breathing is pretty important to us folks who use lungs.

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