Oh, Please!!!

Finally a contest that's open to residents of Quebec, oh and the rest of Canada also. Commence drooling.

Try saying Core 2 Quad Quad-Core three times fast, i bet you can't. I know I can't.

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5 thoughts on “Oh, Please!!!”

  1. That would be Québécois. The term is totally hung up in politics and language. It's supposed to be used to describe any residence of Quebec but it really only used by the locals to describe a Francophone who's family has been here for 300+ years. I went on a trip to Mexico and the tour guide asked me where I was from and I said Quebec and he was so happy that there was a Québécois with them. And I'm thinking only outside of Quebec I get called that. I'm more likely to be called the derogatory term tete-quare or un bloke at home because my French isn't that good, oh and even if it was perfect I'd still be English.

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