Photoshop Fun

Continuing our week long voxiversary celebrations here at grantalias.

Some make a living playing with Photoshop, unfortunately I'm not one of the them. I've forgotten more than I remember.

I'm very task driven when it comes to Photoshop. If I don't have a specific task I won't touch it for months on end and then when I do I'm exceedingly rusty.

But VOX has helped me hold on to the few remaining short cuts I do remember.

When (I think) I've come up with some clever pun or joke for a post (and have the time), I attempt a Photoshop graphic  to accompany it. Sometimes they just suck, that's why you don't see them all that often.

Bell BeaversToy PaintHow Classic

When I say run, run. Run!Canadian DemonDaleks Yu-Gi-Oh-No!

RamMario's 2nd Job?Canadian Tivo

Wonder what the favorite posts have been over the past year and why? Tune in next time only here at grantalias.

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