Fear The Beacon

If you've enjoyed your online purchasing and browsing anonymity, kiss it all goodbye (unless you opt out of course). FaceBook has launched it's ad service Beacon and you better watch out. They might not know if you've been bad or good but, when you visit a Beacon partner site (and there's a ton of them), Beacon will add a story of your activities to your news feed.

I'm just glad that you get final say if it gets added. Could end up being a little embarrassing if you visit sites or make purchases that you don't want others to know about. No one must know of my Hello Kitty obsession. D'oh!

Of course there are the usual privacy concerns, but most people will gloss over that part to get a free service that offers a semi-useful function. Just look at Google.

Buzz Out Loud talked about Beacon on Episode 616. They are way smarter than me and explain the issues much better than I ever could.

Believe it or not I have a Well Actually for the BOL team.

In episode 616, a caller discussed the ramifications of the demise of the payphone, one  example being where would Superman now change? The BOL crew said that phone booths are still needed for people to step into when on loud cellular calls. Well actually, they do exist and there's a ton's of models out there for one to chose from.

There's the Cell Zone, the Pentaphone, the CellBooth and I'm sure that the Cone of Silence could be pressed into service.

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