Traffic This

Continuing our week long voxiversary celebrations here at grantalias.

A few months ago I added StatCounter to my VOX to data farm personal information about you to sell to third parties. Just kidding. Like most bloggers I wanted to know if anyone actually read this blog (excluding my neighbors of course).

It was really cool to see what posts were being hit. I would backtrack in google to see what search words would bring up any given post. It's a really addictive game so don't start yourself.

In early November when two of my posts were indexed on a Mac site, I had an extra 300 hits over the weekend. I was freaking out. Ask Donna, I drove her crazy! Tip: You want to increase traffic? Post about Apple, trust me.

All that fun went out the window when I did a little post on a FaceBook chain letter. Now I get so much traffic to that one post I can't tell if anyone looks at anything else.

I guess I shouldn't complain? Traffic is traffic right?

Next time we''ll let you know how VOX made me love Photoshop all over again.

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5 thoughts on “Traffic This”

  1. i like to check my statcounter every now and again. when i was on blogger, i used to get the most bizarre search words. hehe. people look for some weeeeeiiiiird stuff…

  2. i used to check ALL.THE.TIME. but that was when i had fun search words and stuff. these days i have most of my stuff as neighborhood only. also, i curse a whole lot less. so yeah. not as much fun. 😛 hehe.

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