Winter Begins

This is the view that greeted me this morning as I went out to shovel the driveway. I had to shovel twice as the plow visited our street before I could get out with the boys. I also brushed the snow off the car fours times by the time I got to work. Twice at home, once at a red light on the highway and the last after dropping the boys at daycare.

The roads were pretty bad, but I only saw two cars in the ditch. Remember everyone slow down out there.


The local news did a segment on how bad the snow is. Poor Daniele Hamamdjian, I hope they didn't keep her out there too long.

It's been a rather bad day for weather right across the country.

This morning an 18 wheeler made a delivery but got stuck in the snow. We had to get out the sand for the wheels. I went to move one of the company trucks so the driver would have more room to maneuver and I got pined in the snow. The guys from the shop had to push me out. Talk about embarrassing. 🙂

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