Don’t Drink and Wii

JP and Jodie came over tonight for dinner (which was delicious, thanks Donna) and we played some Wii Sports and Wii Play. There were a few close calls but no one got a Wiimote to the head.

This is most I've played in months. Tennis was crazy fun.

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Drink and Wii”

  1. I saw the Wii Sports pack (racquet, golf club, bat) for $19.99 at Shopper's Drugmart (Pharmaprix, in Quebec) this afternoon. Maybe you can train your boys to be the next best athletes! Practice makes perfect!

  2. Gotta admit, the Wii is hands down the best built-in party game/drinking game system around, lol.Try playing Wario Ware or Wii Play after a few drinks πŸ™‚

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