James Kim One Year Later

This time last year I was totally absorbed in the disappearance of the Kim family in Oregon and the death of James Kim.

Needless to say it was a horrible thing to have happen and I have a lot of respect and admiration for James as a father and husband for taking that chance to save his family.

His widow Kati has understandably been quite towards the media but she did do an interview with dollymix in early November.

Here is part one of the interview and part two.

The Oregonian has an article that draws from the dollymix blog article and talks with some of the people involved with the search and rescue effort.

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5 thoughts on “James Kim One Year Later”

  1. what i don't get is… wasn't he some kind of tech editor or something like that??? WHY WOULDN'T HE HAVE A NAVIGATION SYSTEM OR SOMETHING?!it is a really sad story. i don't know what i would've done in that situation… i wouldn't want steve to leave us… but at the same time, i wouldn't want anything bad to happen to mia… also, boy. they're lucky that she was still producing breast milk…man. it was so tragic…

  2. I used to watch him on the old TechTv so I heard about then going missing from the Tech blogs before their story when main stream media. James was an audio editor at c|net. They had paper maps, but no GPS.I think it's easy to say in hindsight what they should have done, but he made the ultimate sacrifice for the chance to save his family and that's what we should take away from his story.

  3. i know. what i said sounded mean. it wasn't intended to come across like that. it's just… i don't know. i would just think that someone who had all that access would have a nav system in their car. anyway, you're right. he did make a great sacrifice. and the whole thing was just awful… how sad for those girls to not have a dad. and for his wife to lose her husband. i honestly can not imagine losing steve. it's just too terrible to even think about.

  4. first of all, i probably wouldn't take some scary back road into godknowswhere with my family in the car. i'm just too much of a wuss. hehehe.and secondly, i get lost all the time. in major cities… in suburbs… anywhere and everywhere. so i have a thomas guide AND a nav system. hehehe. i hate that feeling of being lost. i can't imagine how helpless and hopeless they must've felt. *shudder*

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