Cold Case

I've watched a few episodes of Cold Case with Donna this season and I can no longer stay silent.

I like the characters, the flashbacks showing the victims young and old and the retro music is great, I just have one problem with the show.

Every episode (I've seen) they solve the crime simply by confronting the murderer and they confess right there on the spot. I mean come on, who does that?

To be fair, I think the issue I have with this plot device is mine. Thanks to the CSI effect, I now expect the perpetrator to be caught with science not good old fashioned detective work.

I don't know why I feel this way. I grew up watching Mystery! with my parents (Thursdays on PBS) and loved Hercule Poroit. There was no modern forensic science involved, just the little grey cells.

I guess I just expect the high-tech stuff from a modern show. Of course half the time CSI bugs the crap out of me using their Star Trek gadgets.

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