Resize This

Back in the old days of Web 1.0, I would keep ZIP discs of programs because 56kps was just too slow to find them again.

From that time I used an image resizer program called JPEG Resizer. It had lots of features, was simple, fast and best of all free.

JPEG Resizer 1JPEG Resizer 2JPEG Resizer 3

Their webpage is now gone, replaced by a German site that I have no idea what they do even with using Babel Fish.

Thanks to Web 2.0 (is there anything it can't do) I now have a replacement called Pic Resize. You can upload single or multiple files, crop, resize by percentage or pixel and output as a jpeg, gif or png file. They have a few special effects like gray scale and rotate, just the basics.

Let me tell you, it sure beats trying to do resize a photo in MSN Paint.

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