For a second there I thought VOX had gotten into the user created content television space. If there is such a space.

VOXTV is bringing Web 2.0 to television here in Quebec on the Videotron cable network. Their plan is to promote local talent and stay close to the  pulse of the community and to be cool and hip (they say avant garde on their site) while they are doing it.

It's pretty cool that they are taking a chance on this kind of programing. Where or not they succeed is another question.

With people's free time turning to the YouTube's of the world, old media is trying some new models. Of course I don't have Videotron so I won't be able to tell you if the programing is any good, but I'm sure they'll find some hits.

Other's are less than positive on VOXTV's chances. But Quebec has always had a strong French entertainment industry and unlike English Canada's programing it's not all rebroadcast American shows.

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