How Old’s That Boat?

Do you have a Laser (or one of the fourteen other sailboats manufactured by Laser) and wonder how old it is?

As far as I know (and I am not an expert here), the sail number is how you can tell the age of your boat.

Unless you bought your boat first hand you might not know the year it was manufactured. Up to now I've never been able to find a comprehensive list of sail numbers and dates. My father has found lists online but they are very spotty and tend have gaps in them as they rely on people adding the number and age of their own boat.

Now that's all over. I found a form on the UK Laser site that can tell you the  exact date of manufacture of your boat. All you need is your sail number and the model of your boat.

My Laser is a year older me. Thankfully it's in better shape than I am.

And yes this post is just another reason for me to use that photo again.

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