Goodbye Old Friend

This current Writers Guild strike feels a lot like the 1994 Baseball strike. If you were a Montreal Expos fan you'll know what I mean.

The LA Times has broken it down by network at what point you can expect your favorite shows to go into reruns. Just pretend that it's between sweep weeks and you won't notice a thing.

Those of you who are fearful of actually interacting with family members here are some alternatives to our beloved television.

Joost is now in open beta and will let you watch what you want when you want, just be sure to have a nice fat connection. And not actually want to watch everything.

Revision3 has tech centric programing but you can download the shows and watch it on that media center extender you hopefully already have. I personally have a Media Center PC with TV out.

And there's quality humor programing on Youtube.

Another route you could take is flash games on the intertubes.

Desktop Tower Defense
Gogo Happy Smile
Yahoo Free Games

Luckily or unluckily reality television will not be affected since there are no scrips and or on air talent involved in creating those show.

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