Mahalo Daily, Finally

Veronica Belmont's Mahalo Daily video cast, Podcast thing-a-ma-gig has finally launched. I'm very excited but not nearly as excited as I would have been if they launched back in September like they originally planed. I was getting really tired of hoping for Veronica to show up on Twit or Buzz Out Loud.

The promo is quite funny as I satirizes quite a few of the other video cast shows out there like Rocket Boom and Ask A Ninja and internet memes like Chocolate Rain. Guess good things come to those who wait.

Mahalo Daily Promo

Mahalo Daily Episode One

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3 thoughts on “Mahalo Daily, Finally”

  1. I figured it was way out of my league. But if they would just give them to us, we'd be happy to be poster children for them. Don't you think that's a great idea? After all, we could prove that people with families are interested in getting to the grocery store fast 🙂

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