Speculation, Guesses and Rumours. Oh my!

With all the uncertainty of late about the upcoming to never release of the iPhone here in Canada, I have done some leg work to get to the bottom of this.

Last week I dropped in at the local Rogers store and asked them when we might see a release of the iPhone. The response I got from the clerk seemed so bogus you know they have boxes of them in the back collecting dust.

His reason for no release in Canada yet is due to Linksys having the trademark on the name. What? Wasn't that cleared up months ago? I guess no one told him about the third iPhone.

When I attended Apple Demo Days I had  to ask the Mac guy about a release of the iPhone. He told me that Fido was going to get it. Fido has a 3G network, so that might make sense if we're going to get the rumored 3G iPhone that Steve talked about in London.

Again thanks again MacSurfer for the traffic.

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