Ram, Delicious Ram


Five years later I upgraded my wife's system from 256mb to 512mb of ram. Like all husbands worldwide, I might be slow but eventually the project will  be completed.

And yes, I know ram installation hardly constitutes a project, but being a man I have a very sensitive ego, so let me bask in my small victory.

I had always thought it strange that my old 800mhz (which had 512mb of ram) could out performer her 1.8ghz system in a variety of areas.

I do vagually remember telling her I would upgrade it later when she purchased it.

Well mystery solved.

Now she has no excuse not to update her Facebook status.

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5 thoughts on “Ram, Delicious Ram”

  1. first of all, i love your ram picture.second, i love your new profile picture there. it's totally sweet.and third, your paragraph about having a sensitive ego and basking in your small victory cracked me the effe up. hehe…

  2. Thanks Grace. I love doing little Photoshop things like that to go alone with my posts. I was starting to get worried because you haven't made a comment in a few days. I thought something happened. :-s

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