Bum_tnoo7 I Hate You

When I said that the bum_tnoo7 was internet herpes, I might have misspoke. It's more like the virus from 28 Days later.

You can check out Sophons, Hoax Slayer, Zedge and even personal blogs for examples as to why this is a hoax. Or you could have just Googled it. Yet it keeps getting forwarded on and on and on and… Well you get the picture and my growing annoyance.

One factor this hoax has such legs is Hollywood preying on the fear and ignorance of the non-tech. Tip, a computer will not explode by simply typing explode and hitting enter. Of course if you think that kind of stuff happens your system is probably already compromised with viruses and / or malware.

Another reason is that people just want to help and protect their friends, an admirable sentiment to be sure. But if you're my friend I would much rather get a message from you then forwarded spam. Even a video of a cheerleader getting trampled by the football team as they take the field would be acceptable.

I have no idea who this guy in the photo is, but he's attached to the latest bum_tnoo7 message outbreak on Facebook. I don't know if he's the guy who started the whole thing or just someone adding their photo to the message. But if I every see this guy in public I'm totally going to scream "BUM_TNOO7" at the top of my lungs and run the other way and won't stop till I get home and lock the doors and bolt the windows. Let's just hope he's some innocent bystander for his sake.

Sure things like this are harmless but can you imaging the amount of bandwidth and personal time being consumed right now on this message? Boggles the mind.

So he's my plan. We need a Say No to Forwarding Day. If there's a day for Talk Like a Pirate. I'm sure we could swing this. How about November 1st? Every November 1st don't forward anything to your entire address book without thinking.

Remember, every time you forward spam you support terrorism. You don't want to help terrorists do you? No didn't think so.

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