Heroes Come to Montreal

After episode 5 Fight or Flight of Heroes, I was really excited to see the show come to Montreal. Montreal is always redressed as somewhere else, so I couldn't wait to see what happened here in episode 6 The Line.

Well needless to say I was a little disappointed. The show spent maybe 30 seconds in Montreal before the characters were off to somewhere else.

Two things about their short trip to Montreal.

One, they misspelled St-Jacques. And two, I think the show took some creative license with the scene.

I believe they could not have had that angle in the painting as it looks like it would be blocked by other buildings. Also the live shot seems a little CG. I think one reason they used St-Laurent as a cross street is that it's a main street in Montreal and people outside of the city might know it. Like how Heroes always visits Times Square in New York.

If you where wondering, the church is Notre-Dame Basilica and when it was completed in 1843 it was the largest church in North America. Also for better or worse Celine Dion was married there.

Well hopfully they'll make a return visit to Montreal later this season.

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5 thoughts on “Heroes Come to Montreal”

  1. I agree. It's just like Lost, plodding away. Never giving too much away. And I'm sure they'll wrap up the season in 2 episodes at the end. As long as the finale takes place in Montreal I won't mind. 😉

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