Track My Vox Stats

One on the things (ok the only thing) I miss from my old MSN Spaces blog was that you could track stats. Unfortunately VOX (as of yet) doesn't offer any tools for us Voxer's to track stats.

Luckily I have two choices that you can add as widgets to your VOX.

The first is ClustrMaps (you can tell it's Web 2.0 because it's missing a vowel).

You sign up your site address on their site and they provide the HTML code you add as a widget on your VOX. A little map is added to your VOX page and it begins to count visits and even plots visitors on a map. It's pretty limited but it's easy and free. They do have a pro version you can upgrade to but I the free version should be good enough for most of your needs.

The second choice is StatCounter. Again you sign up and get code to insert as a widget on your VOX. It's free for the limited version but has way more features than Clustrmaps. And I mean tons. You can track page loads, unique visits, return visits, length of visit, and visitors are plotted on a map but unlike ClustrMaps it's totally zoomable. And that's to just name a few.

Oh and you could use these on other sites that allow you to enter code.


I'd like to thank my VOX neighbor for finding these. Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Track My Vox Stats”

  1. So good to know! I signed up for StatCounter a while back, but they didn't have code at the time, and I don't know a thing about it so…But maybe I'll give it another whirl.

  2. LOL, that was too bizarre.I was going to say that I've been using statcounter too, and it's pretty good.I clicked on the Neighborer link and it was me. ha ha.I wish I could remember which Voxer I found the counter on so I could pass the credit on to them.I was going to put an invisible one on too, but I decided to share 😉

  3. What weirds me out a bit, is the depth of the info stored at
    stat counter.

    Its interesting looking at the length of time spent on a

    The referring path was a revelation. It was surprising to
    see what pages people had been viewing before they reached the latest blog

  4. There is quite a bit of information it collects, but I'm sure VOX is doing the same on us. What's really nice is that you can block your IP so you're not inflating the stats.

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