Of Course

Those of you outside of Quebec are a lucky bunch… at least when it comes to contests. Not in regards to the great food, culture and super hot French women.

Due to the Every Law Has to Be Different Law in Quebec, companies just skip the province entirely rather than jump though the hoops of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux when it comes to promotions and contests.

So when news leaked that Molson (in business for 221 years, 298, days, 11 hours, 52minutes and 50seconds as of this post. Seconds?) would be giving away an iPhone in an upcoming Quebec contest/promo, needless to say I was excited. And all ready to start drinking I might add. It also leaked the carrier as Rogers. Forget the iTouch. If I don't win one I know what my upgrade phone will be in two years. This also this pointed to a release date here in Canada sometime in January 2008.

Of course this was not to be since days later Molson has removed the iPhone from the contest and has done some backpedaling. Do you think someone let something slip? I hope so.

I guess in the meantime I could check out Québec Concours for some home grown contests.

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